I am proud to have served the people of Paso Robles as their Mayor for the last six years. It has been a pleasure to be the spokesman for all Roblan’s and to conduct the City Council meetings. The Council, under my guidance, has kept Paso Robles from Bankruptcy unlike many Cities its size. I believe there are many partially finished projects and issues that still require the background, knowledge, and experience that I possess. After much discussion with my family, I have decided it is time to have a new voice leading our great City forwards I decided to run for City Council instead of Mayor. This will allow me the time to work on the completion of many projects. I cannot imagine not actively serving our City so I am asking the People of Paso Robles to Vote for Me as their Council Representative in the upcoming election! I look forward to continuing to work together for the continued betterment of our City. I believe in the energy of the people! I love being a volunteer in Paso Robles. I have served beans to our citizens on Pioneer Day for 44 straight years. I was on the Board of Directors for St Rose Catholic School, and I have umpired little league baseball games for over 30+ years. It takes the people being involved to create a community! We have a beautiful community in Paso Robles thanks to the generosity of those who live here!

For City to survive during the recession, we had to cut many services which negatively impacted the citizens of Paso Robles. Now is the time to restore as many as possible as our economy continues to improve! Now is the time to get it back! We have begun to restore the critical safety staffing such as police and fire. We have begun to hire new staff to provide better services and efficient processing of permits at City Hall. The street repairs and maintenance are now rapidly underway on the predetermined list of priority streets! The funds are now being used to start working through this list. We have more to go such as the reopening of public facilities like Centennial Pool. I look forward to getting facilities back into operation as the economy continues to improve.

Water management is one of the TOP issues facing our City. I have been involved with protecting and conserving this valuable resource for our City for many years! As a member of LADCO, I am involved with all issues of water in the County. Any potential water district must be approved by LAFCO at the County level.  As the LAFCO elected representative it is  important that I maintain our City's representation by continuing as a City Councilman! We can't afford to lose a County seat without my continued participation in City Council! I will protect our water resources!

I strongly support encouraging business growth in our community! The Wine Industry and Tourism is a viable part of Paso Robles but we cannot completely rely on this segment of the economy! We must have a balanced economy which includes increasing  the industrial and commercial opportunities to provide jobs for our citizens. I believe our industrial businesses need more attention and recognition! We have major employers such as IQMS, Scientific Drilling, Biotech, Specialty Silicone, Zurn, JIT, Morro Bay Cabinets, and many others. They collectively contribute significantly to our economy. I have history of visiting businesses including local industries to meet the owners to see what we can do to help them grow. I believe we need to create a network of business owners to collaborate with the goal on increasing job opportunities.

The State of California has put extensive requirements on all cities and counties in California. These new regulations pertain to many items including water, greenhouse gases, fairy shrimp, and more. I belived that there should be less governmental controls in theses areas but we are forced to comply. We take advantage of government grants when we can such as the one we obtained to rebuild 21st Street. We used State funds to pave and build this street, not our City's! We must continue to reachour for grants that minimize our spending and maximize our infrastructure improvements such as the Union Road Reconstruction that is currently underway. I feel strongly that as a City we need to be as efficient as possible in reducing the cost of theses mandated requirements that affect all citizens while reaching our for maximum funding to provide or replace the much needed structures within our City! 

Downtown Parking is very important. We still need additiaol parking spaces in the vicinity of 13th Street. Multi-story parking is still in the future. We need to restripe the downtown parking spaces and paint the curbs.

As the economy grows, it is time to Get it Back! Restore and Recreate to make Paso Robles a better place for our families to live. I look forwar to your VOTE!

My Beliefs

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